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Adventures of Patsy Big Ben Bolt Buck Roge
The Adventures of Patsy debuted on March 11, 1935 as a rather ordinary fairy-tale fantasy. A young girl named Patsy was swept away on a kite to the magical land of Ods Bodkins. This Dorothy in Oz like premise lasted barely a half a year when series creator Mel Graff returned Patsy to her ordinary life with her parents, and the strip became a contemporary melodrama. Under the influence of his friends, Noel Sickles and Milton Caniff, he slowly metamorphosed The Adventures of Patsy into an adventure strip.

The strip really hit its stride at the end of 1936. With her Uncle Phil Cardigan tagging along as an adult protector, Patsy came to Hollywood and soon became child movie star like the then phenomenally popular Shirley Temple. The glamorous film business milieu proved to be the perfect launching platform for Patsy to roam the world with Uncle Phil, making films while fixing broken romances and fighting gangsters. The Adventures of Patsy continued successfully in a show biz setting throughout the rest of the strip’s run.

Mel Graff left the strip in 1939 to take over Secret Agent X-9, and series of artists took over Patsy, including Charles Raab, George Storm, Bill Dyer, and even Noel Sickles who ghosted the strip briefly in 1942. The strip was canceled in 1954.

The Adventures of Patsy was Mel Graff's finest hour. In these two volumes, his fast-moving scripts and excellent artwork are finally available for modern readers.
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