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Buzz Sawyer Volume 1:
The War in the Pacific (1943-1945)

This book, the first in a series reprinting the Buz Sawyer strip, collects all the daily strips published during World War II. Buz serves aboard an aircraft carrier, flies combat missions against the notorious Japanese Zeros, crash lands behind enemy lines, and is captured by a Japanese submarine.

The book also includes a selection of the best of the Sunday strips, which featured Buz Sawyer’s pal and gunner, Rosco Sweeney, presented as full-color fold-out pages.

Edited by Rick Norwood

Publisher: Fantagraphics, 2010
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 9.25 x 9.25 inches
Pages: 240 pages, black & white with some color and fold-out Sunday pages
ISBN:   978-1-60699-362-0

Buz Sawyer was Roy Crane’s follow up comic strip to his successful run on Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy.  The Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy characters were owned by the NEA syndicate.  In 1943, Roy Crane switched to the Kings Features Syndicate with a comic strip proposal he could own called Buzz Sawyer.  

Buzz Sawyer premiered on November 1943. Created at the height of World War II, Buzz Sawyer was a Navy pilot stationed in the Pacific theater.  A patriotic American, Roy Crane thought the Navy setting would provide opportunity for plenty of action and intriguing stories while contributing to the war effort.  His instincts prove correct, and Buzz Sawyer served in the newspaper pages until 1989.