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Roy Crane was one of great cartoonists of the classic newspaper comic era and a pioneer of the adventure strip.  Before Tarzan, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, and Terry and the Pirates, Roy Crane was thrilling newspaper readers with the exciting exploits of Captain Easy.  Captain Easy started as a supporting character in the more humor oriented Wash Tubbs in 1929 and quickly took over the strip.  In 1933, a Captain Easy Sunday page was launched, and Roy Crane created a four-color classic.

Fantagraphics will be publishing six volumes of Captain Easy’s adventures.  Modern audience will get a chance to meet this gallant soldier of fortune who is as popular with the ladies as he is despised by villains.
Captain Easy, Soldier of Fortune:
The Complete Sunday Newspaper Strips Vol. 1 (1933-1935)

Captain Easy 1.jpg
In his first adventure, Captain Easy visits a lost city, battles pirates, dons a deep-sea diving suit to explore a sunken ruin in search of treasure, and everywhere he goes, he finds beautiful women — a lost princess, a pirate queen, a savage woman in need of` “taming.” A romantic adventurer from a less politically correct age, Captain Easy is a Soldier of Fortune whose bravery and daring are exceeded only by his Southern gallantry.

Die-cut corners, cloth spine, and cover onlays
Edited and with a Preface by Rick Norwood
Introduction by Jeet Heer
Foreword by Charles M. Schulz (1974)

Publisher: Fantagraphics, 2010
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 10.5 x 14.75 inches
Pages: 144 pages, full color
ISBN:  978-1-60699-161-9