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Back in the Golden Age of American comic strips, not all strips got the exposure they deserved. Small syndicates like Bell Features distributed their output mostly to smaller newspapers. As a result, some nice strips were seldom seen and are almost unknown today. One of these lost treasures is Connie, the forgotten masterwork of illustrator Frank Godwin.

Godwin's Connie, produced in the 1930s for the Ledger Syndicate, was groundbreaking in many ways. Its heroine, Connie Kurridge, was a woman of action who roamed the the earth and explored space. Godwin's magnificent art drew from the pulp magazine s-f design of the day, creating futuristic machinery and fantastic creatures with equal ease.

Pacific Comics Club proudly presents some of Connie's adventures to new generations. Surprisingly readable, great to look at, Connie deserves a place in every newspaper strip fan's collection.

The Unseen Avenger
The Menace of Mo Tung

$14.95 each

Still available
Captives of Space Pirates
Battle for Titan

$11.95 each

Limited Supplies of these previous editions:

Volume 1: The Kurridge Curse (1929)
Volume 2: A Dangerous Inheritance (1929)
Volume 3: The Strange Death of Dolan (1929/30, 1938)
Volume 4: The Ghost of Pendleton Hall (1930/31)
Volume 5: 3 Episodes 
(Dope Smuggling, Strange Way Home, Connie on Venus 1934, 1938)
Volume 6: Connie on the Planet Mars (1938)
(Bonus Feature: Flyin' Jenny by Russell Keaton)

14" x 8-1/2", 50 pages. Black-and-white with color covers. Softbound

$14.95 each