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Last Updated 5/18/2017
Flash Gordon by Austin Briggs 

Austin Briggs entered the world of newspaper comics with a fine run on Alex Raymond's old strip, Secret Agent X-9. As Raymond's new project, the Flash Gordon Sunday page, grew more popular the King Features Syndicate decided to launch a Flash daily strip. As artist they chose Briggs, who had resigned X-9 and was now assisting Raymond occasionally on Flash. Later Briggs would take over the Sunday page when Raymond went into the military.

This four-book series reprints Briggs' entire run on the Flash Gordon daily strip. Not as widely-distributed as its Sunday predecessor, the dailies have been hard for fans to find until now.

Prisoner of Ming
Flight to Freeland
Adora of the Forest People

10x14 inches, 24 pages, b&w with color cover

$9.50 each
Flash Gordon by Alex Raymond

Seven big volumes, each reprinting a year of Sundays in full color. (12½ x13½, 56 pp.)

   The Outlaws of Mongo (1938)
    In the Ice Kingdom (1939)
    The Power Men of Mongo (1940)
    Return to Earth (1941)
    Queen Desire of Tropica (1942)
    Gundar, Hawk of the Desert (1943)
    The End of Brazor (1944)

    $29.95 each 

    Now Only $15.00 each!
The fame of Flash Gordon long outlived its creator, Alex Raymond. Having created the fantasy-adventure strip in 1934, the young artist set a new standard for art and imagination in the newspaper strips. His artwork influenced countless strip and comic book illustrators; his visions of other worlds and his cast of characters became part of the American culture.
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